our range of boxes

we sell packing boxes to help with your smooth move. contact us to purchase.

crystal $4

403mm x 301mm x 330mm
well cushioned double layered box provides protection for precious and fragile items

book wine $4.50

406mm x 298mm x 431mm
everyday single layer box for packing small light items

carry box $5.50

568mm x 368mm x 327mm
strong twin cushion multipurpose box with handles

tea chest $6.50

431mm x 406mm x 596mm
large single layer box for light bulky items, easily stacks into storage units and containers

half tea chest $5.50

431mm x 406mm x 298mm
the versatility of the tea chest’s width & length, but half the size and double the layers

flat / trunk $10

950mm x 470mm x 262mm
ideal for use as flat wardrobe or linen box

2 pce picture box $12

1040mm x 75mm x 775mm
2 piece telescopic picture boxes

packing paper $20

wrapping items, scrunching to fill voids, padding top and bottom of boxes

port-a-robe $20

595mm x 476mm x 750mm
no folding of clothes necessary – just hang directly in the port-a-robe

bubble wrap $8 – $65

from 5m rolls to full 60m rolls in either clear or opaque

mattress bags $12

provides protection from dirt, dust and water during moving and in storage

tool pack

tape gun – $20
packing tape – $4
box cutter – $2
moving bands – $2 to $3

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